Thursday, 7 February 2013

Screen Print Totes

I eventually got my booty over to Print Club at CCAD in Hartlepool. Sprted my screen and got away with some screen printing, things didn't really go to plan so I left it for a few days and ordered my own squeegee in from Ebay.

Set myself up in my kitchen and started a few more prints, the majority of them turned out pretty well, but for some reason I always manage to miss a bit of the bigger designs so they are turning out a little patchy. but I'm ok with this alot of it is about practice and I'm well out of practice but I'm enjoying being able to print from home.

I've set myself up an Etsy shop and listed a few of my bags to sell, I'm unsure if I will make a sale but I have to start somewhere and how else will I know people will like my designs unless I do this. If I do make some sales I'm going to be well chuffed :)

My Etsy shop link:

Here's some pictures.

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