Monday, 1 September 2014

3D box art. SOLD!

I've completed and sold my first commission piece, I had lots of fun creating it and sharing my progress with the buyer to make sure things were going how he wanted them to.

It's been a while since I painted something with detailing without putting my own style in there, (which I did anyway with the smaller ones)
I forget how much I love using detail and how long it takes but the results are motivating knowing I can still do it.

When creating these small box frames art pieces I often look over to my stack of canvases waiting to have some paint splashed across and some 3D things worked into them. that could be the next thing (of course when I have made enough box framed ones) I need continuous stock and I'm aware that if I start a painting I may be at it for some time! but that's a bit exciting! a finished canvas! something I've never done.]

well I've rambled enough, here's the Sold item.

Monday, 28 July 2014

New work cont....

So, its been a few weeks since I started getting things going. As per usual things are getting in the way of me getting on with things such as birthdays, work, family, friends and really bad procrastinating. however I have finished 2 pieces and I'm halfway through a commission for a friend, so there's something to be positive about.
I'm really enjoying getting back into being messy and arty and losing everything I put down immediately after, I've had some really great advice from some friends who are already successful sellers so stay tuned. Surely only more positives to follow?
Anyway here's a little pic.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

New work

So. I've been doing nothing but work work work over the past 7 months and now I've had enough. My studio has been so neglected and I've missed my little space.
Ideas and flowing and I'm feeling inspired and even a little motivated to get some things going and make some work up!
As I was going through some things I stumbled upon some old uni work that was never turned into anything untill now... now I have plans. watch this space...

Monday, 11 November 2013

Photoshop boredom

Ok so I have been working a lot lately 7 days a week for the past 2 months. I've not got a lot of art done lately as I've not been able to focus long enough on anything without falling asleep.
So today I have messed around on Photoshop and designed myself a new header logo thingy for my Harkerstyle name.
Taken from on of my earlier drawings, its basically one drawing manipulated and repeated to the final image. Hope you like it.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Baby Bunting

Finally I made some bunting for my little niece's room. she's now about 4 months old and pretty cute.
anyway not alot to describe about it other than this is a first attempt, and I think its pretty good going. printed cottons backed with felt, I have also appliqu├ęd flower petals and lettering into the bunting to make it more visually exciting.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Screen Print Totes

I eventually got my booty over to Print Club at CCAD in Hartlepool. Sprted my screen and got away with some screen printing, things didn't really go to plan so I left it for a few days and ordered my own squeegee in from Ebay.

Set myself up in my kitchen and started a few more prints, the majority of them turned out pretty well, but for some reason I always manage to miss a bit of the bigger designs so they are turning out a little patchy. but I'm ok with this alot of it is about practice and I'm well out of practice but I'm enjoying being able to print from home.

I've set myself up an Etsy shop and listed a few of my bags to sell, I'm unsure if I will make a sale but I have to start somewhere and how else will I know people will like my designs unless I do this. If I do make some sales I'm going to be well chuffed :)

My Etsy shop link:

Here's some pictures.

Arty farty

So. It's been rather a while since my last blog post. so far I havn't touched my embroidery since the last post about it, but I have been doing some arty creative-ness including a drawing I started ages ago which I have now finished.
Although I am not quite satisfied with the finished piece I am happy that I've finally finished it and it could be cut free from my board.
Also. I've been delving into the depths of the Etsy shop selling. Eventually I'm going to list things including art which I would like to sell. However this is all new to me!