Saturday, 17 March 2012


Well my love for spongebob squarepants has evolved finally in me being inspired for a drawing. Who could have known? I got my pencil and my fine liner and I actually finished a drawing I'm pleased with and can see potential for further creativities with. woohoo. I have plans. Pretty cool plans, can I actually kick myself up the backside and make myself go through with these plans. I sodding well hope so. I have new drawings in the pipeline, and then ... I'm going to actually screen print. My god. I'ts been far to long.

Please enter motivation here. I miss it.


  1. This drawing is wonderful just like all the drawings of yours that I have ever seen. You are very good at capturing the essence of your subject,you have a good eye. You are a very talented woman and you mustn't give up, push yourself out there!

  2. Thanks joy :) I hope to keep at it somehow